SEBASTIAN Greenwood Event Tokyo Japon # OneCoin

SEBASTIAN Greenwood Event Tokyo Japon # OneCoin



OneCoin 001 Sebastian Greenwood America Intro Video


Catharsis of Mundanity

One Aardvark

In the spring, my family opens up our summer house in Edgartown. There’s much to do, some of it simple–turning on the wifi, calling the cable company, putting the screens on the windows. It’s a semi-stressful (something usually goes wrong) ritual that marks the start of summer. I love it.

In Patrick’s memoir, he writes of scrubbing dishes and gaining understanding. As I read through the piece, it reminded me of a scrubbing that I do, at the Vineyard house, and how I use it to achieve a different end.

The outdoor shower is my favorite part of our house. It has five walls including the stretch of the house against which it’s enclosed. It makes what I would describe as a demented trapezoid. The door is sort of lopsided on its hinges and you have to shoulder it up to fully close it. It creaks and slams and…

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