Sebastian Greenwood is emphatic that watching others “make success” gives him the greatest satisfaction. Without being grounded in other people’s development and enrichment, it would be easy to tire of a field like network marketing. There are the exponential financial gains that come with economies of scale, but without a deeper commitment to the network in and of itself, it is easy to walk away from businesses such as network marketing after it has achieved what its creators require from it. The gains that can result from businesses such as OneCoin, which Sebastian Greenwood spearheads, can be so great that a paradoxical situation can occur where quick success implies an early exit. To know more about OneCoin and how it invests in people, seeOneCoin Building Business by Building People.

Humans have an innate need to be part of something larger than themselves, to work together with others towards a common goal. It is these needs that network marketing also addresses and it is these needs that would ultimately override the financial incentives that come with being part of a business like OneCoin. Sebastian Greenwood has a deep understanding of these issues and this is why he continuously affirms his commitment to people.

It is this deep understanding of people that has made Sebastian Greenwood a leader in his field. To be excellent at something requires total commitment, and total commitment is only realized when the heart and mind are both engaged. Greenwood keeps himself in the zone of total commitment by always keeping his eye on the prize – the successful leadership of a global network. To know more about how Sebastian Greenwood has achieved the position he now enjoys, see Sebastian Greenwood on Leadership Excellence.


Author: Sebastian Greenwood

Sebastian Greenwood, OneCoin Master Trader. Sebastian Greenwood is a man who has seen both the good and bad of network, or multi-level marketing.

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